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September 17, 2009

Explaining email to mom

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Mom STILL doesn’t have her own mail. I guess that explains the following conversation:

[On the phone]
Mom: What’s your email? I want to send you pictures from my boss computer email.
Me: You should really get your own mail. But okay, “v”, “i”, “t”.
Mom: Wait, wait. Capital or small letters?
Me: …….Small. Okay. Going on: “a” “l” “y” “b” at gmail…
Mom: Wait! Do is there a “space” between “y” and “b”?
Me: ………………..No, there isn’t.

I guess I should explain mom all about ^([0-9a-zA-Z]+[-._+&])*[0-9a-zA-Z]+@([-0-9a-zA-Z]+[.])+[a-zA-Z]{2,6}$ one day.


April 9, 2009

Trapped in a YouTube

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Some things you just can’t unlearn.
There is a new art form I wasn’t aware of that is called hip-opera. It is a bit hard to explain without playing the movie down miah.
You can make a will-power test with yourself just to see how long you can hold.

Note that these are 5 episodoes out of the total 22. That’s right, you could’ve be watching that shit for an hour.

Then. Enter Weird-Al with his own interpretation of this creation. Now, keep in mind, a parody of abuse is still quite abuse (think a parody of “The passion of the Christ“). However, he still deserves a w00t for the clip and the wits:

“Weird Al” Yankovic – Trapped in the Drive-Thru

Thanks to Yoni for original find!

March 28, 2009

Twitter’s privacy

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[3:51 PM] vitalyb1984: yes. It is so dauntinc @ twitter that it is so public
[3:51 PM] vitalyb1984: yet if it was private I prob wouldn’t write
[3:52 PM] Eli: daunting?
[3:52 PM] vitalyb1984: yes
[3:52 PM] vitalyb1984: I can’t write personal stuff
[3:52 PM] vitalyb1984: so I write about doplhins having nasal sex. E.g:
“Nasal Sex – Amazon River Dolphins perform homosexual penetration of the blowhole, the only known example of nasal sex.” 4:06 AM Nov 21st 2008
[3:52 PM] vitalyb1984: instead of what really worries me
[3:52 PM] Eli: er yeah
[3:52 PM] Eli: …
[3:52 PM] Eli: you could be ambiguous
[3:53 PM] vitalyb1984: right
[3:53 PM] vitalyb1984: I was.
[3:53 PM] vitalyb1984: It wasn’t the dolphins who had nasal sex.
[3:53 PM] vitalyb1984: BAM

March 25, 2009

The dangers of red meat

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Red meat linked to risk of earlier death
Eating red meat increases the chances of dying prematurely, according to a large federal study offering powerful new evidence that a diet that regularly includes steaks, burgers and pork chops is hazardous to your health.

Seems like everything causes some kind of cancer or negative effect nowdays. This reminds me a joke:

Old man comes to a doctor and says he wants to live longer.
Doctor: Do you smoke:
Old man: No
Doctor: Do you drink alcohol?
Old man: No
Doctor: Do you eat sweet or fat food?
Old man: No
Doctor: Then why would you prolong your life?!

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