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July 21, 2007

Wondering how popular your Comic is?

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Stop wondering and use Google Trends:

xkcd    cyanide and happines…    perry bible fellowship

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An evil mood

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A Demon was born.

He’s black as the night, his claws are sharp and his teeth are in pain so he will chew your hand. Obviously he’s pure evil.

He is also my new pet. Enjoy the whole gallery here:

And while we’re on the subject of Pure Evil. Harry Potter series have finally ended with their latest evil release. However, if you thought that getting our kids and pets to witchcraft is the only thing Harry Potter does, think again. It also encourage our young daughters to… well, sit on their brooms:

That makes me mad. I am almost mad enough right now to spoil your fun by telling you exactly who dies in the 7th book. But I won’t. I’ll spoil you the fun of some other book instead:

July 20, 2007

Happiness and Cyanide

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It is evil, it is funny and it is usually so politically incorrect that old ladies get heart attacks. It is called Cyanide and Happiness.

I give you a selection of my favorite strips:


July 18, 2007

Visual overload

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So today during lunch I got to see the HOTTEST girl (waitress) and a CUTEST dog (just a dog). My visual senses were overloaded and people kept asking if I am sad, while I was really just blinking really hard and trying to cool my brain.

Now there comes the decision, who do I go for? On one hand the girl is very hot and she’s human BUT she might be 16 years old.

With the dog, on the other hand, I got to physical contact and it even sniffed my hand. However, the dog might be even less than 2 years old.

Quite a dilemma so help me out. Here’s a pic of the dog to help you decide:

Cutest dog

[Full gallery]

And while we’re discussing my emotional personality on the table here’s some chat with a friend. I was trying to get her and some friends from work to sign up for Holmes Place (a gym that is so full with itself that it takes 330NIS per month):

[20:45:52] vitalyb: there’s soap, there’s shampoo, there’re billion towels
[20:45:53] vitalyb: AND
[20:46:00] vitalyb: If I bring anyone to join I get a free bag
[20:46:04] vitalyb: You know what that means?
[20:48:08] Ya’ara: what does it mean?
[20:49:30] vitalyb: If you all guys join, it means 3(!!!!) free bags.
[20:50:09] Ya’ara: 🙂
[20:50:11] Ya’ara: or,
[20:50:21] Ya’ara: one for you, one for eli, and one for eran?
[20:50:38] vitalyb: Haha! Don’t try to outjew me, jew! All for me.
[20:50:42] vitalyb: I can pack my money inside it.
[20:52:14] Ya’ara: 😀

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