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July 18, 2007

Visual overload

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So today during lunch I got to see the HOTTEST girl (waitress) and a CUTEST dog (just a dog). My visual senses were overloaded and people kept asking if I am sad, while I was really just blinking really hard and trying to cool my brain.

Now there comes the decision, who do I go for? On one hand the girl is very hot and she’s human BUT she might be 16 years old.

With the dog, on the other hand, I got to physical contact and it even sniffed my hand. However, the dog might be even less than 2 years old.

Quite a dilemma so help me out. Here’s a pic of the dog to help you decide:

Cutest dog

[Full gallery]

And while we’re discussing my emotional personality on the table here’s some chat with a friend. I was trying to get her and some friends from work to sign up for Holmes Place (a gym that is so full with itself that it takes 330NIS per month):

[20:45:52] vitalyb: there’s soap, there’s shampoo, there’re billion towels
[20:45:53] vitalyb: AND
[20:46:00] vitalyb: If I bring anyone to join I get a free bag
[20:46:04] vitalyb: You know what that means?
[20:48:08] Ya’ara: what does it mean?
[20:49:30] vitalyb: If you all guys join, it means 3(!!!!) free bags.
[20:50:09] Ya’ara: 🙂
[20:50:11] Ya’ara: or,
[20:50:21] Ya’ara: one for you, one for eli, and one for eran?
[20:50:38] vitalyb: Haha! Don’t try to outjew me, jew! All for me.
[20:50:42] vitalyb: I can pack my money inside it.
[20:52:14] Ya’ara: 😀


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  1. Threesome.

    Please remember Seduction Tip #455: Attach yourself to the dog, and you become just as irresistible as he.

    “Yes, isn’t he a sweet dog? I built him.”

    Comment by crog — July 18, 2007 @ 9:43 pm | Reply

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