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April 27, 2008

Men are better than women

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You might disagree with the title, but a simple video of this man will make it all clear for you. It isn’t about right, wrong or politically correct. Men are just better. God and evolution created them that way:

Here is some excerpt from the site‘s FAMQ (Frequently Asked Men Questions):

1. Are women allowed on this site?

No. Absolutely no women are allowed on this site.

2. Is this site a joke?

There is nothing on this site that’s a joke — except for things that are clearly designed for your amusement. But you can spot those easily because they are hillarious. Otherwise, the facts expressed here are done so only to expose truths and spread the wonderful word of man to himself all over the globe. Men are great communicators in that way — much better than women.

3. I am a woman and I…?

You should definitely not be on the site. I’m assuming that the next part of your question is “want” because there’s two things you can be sure of whenever a women is speaking. Her sentence will start with “I” and it will usually be followed immediately by “want”.

Scenario two is that the next two words are “don’t think…” in which case she should just stop right there because that’s about as acurate as a lady-type can get.


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  1. The video is worth it if only for the last 10 seconds.

    Comment by yoni — April 28, 2008 @ 8:04 pm | Reply

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