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March 24, 2009

Daily nightmare

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Nightmare sources

Nightmare story

I’m having an argument with someone from workplace. We agree to settle our differences by a 3rd party, in this case, his girlfriend. She declares me guilty and I lie down on a rack. He starts to punch the rack from behind, eventually PUNCTURING my the rack, my back and having a bloody hand come from my chest.

I wake up. More WTFed than scared then go back to sleep.

I am amongst some kind of horrible African natives (strangely, they are white) that say I must set myself on fire and die for them to communicate with their Gods. I try to argue but they convince me with their logic. I get out a box of matches, lit one and press it against my chest, not much happens  however. The African natives start giving me tips, “Try burning somewhere with hair!”, “Try your armpit!”, “The pubic area!”. Eventually someone gives a good tip, “Try to lit the hair! You have lots of it!”. Soon enough I catch fire and nothing of me remains except some dust and the brains.

The brain is taken to some sort of futuristic lab in which it is analyzed to understand more about my life traumas. The interfaces shows that I was anally raped when I was 11. Quite shocked to discover that fact I try to recollect what happened then and I recall of some wedding I attended in which, indeed, I was raped by the wedding go-go dancer.

I wake up again. This time to go to work.


March 11, 2009


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Omer (aka developer of cancer related medical equipment):
can’t talk now, busy, debugging MSCorp MemLeakProvider

Me (aka developer in Microsoft corp):
ah, sorry about that. It must’ve been destructive for your CancerDeployer component

White whine nightmares

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Last two days I am plagued by White Whine nightmares.

In the first one I dream that Microsoft decides to send me AGAIN to Redmond. I vocally oppose the idea and demand to know why I should go, they wave me off with, “Oh you’ll find something to do there 2 weeks, we’re sure”. All the group goes together in the style of school trips, everyone sits together on the plane. We arrive to USA and I sit in a bus on some busy American street and refusing to go down.

Wake up and realize with huge relief I am still at Israel.

In the second dream I argue with someone that my iPhone is perfectly protected in its tiny silicon case. Then I look and to my horror there is huge crack on the glass. I try to wipe it off but it just gets bigger and bigger, eventually part of the glass falls off. I gasp.

Wake up and realize with a huge relief that my iPhone is still here, safely sleeping under the bed.


March 9, 2009

Who directed the Watchmen? (and who should have)

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It is really amazing how a movie like Watchmen could be so pretty, so true to the book and yet, so… Unenjoyable. In retrospect however, it isn’t as surprising.

While “Watchmen” is a humanist story about the various aspects of human soul, Zack Snyder is an expert on gore, style, visuals (“Sin City”) and raising the testosterone of viewers to illegal levels (“300”). He is not, however, someone who can give a soul to comics heroes.

Zack did everything he could, but it just isn’t his kind of movie. Despite the “comixie” appearance, “Watchmen” should be done by a director who excels in moving the audience, not one who excels in exciting them. Instead of Zack Snyder, Sam Raimi or Bryan Singer, this movie should’ve been directed by Todd Solondz or Darren Aronofsky.

Here is a review I found on IMDB that pretty much reflects how I feel about it:

by Kate_Dammit_Run

Watchmen is, in many ways, a faithful, even loving adaptation of Alan Moore’s graphic novel. Zack Snyder reproduces many of the scenes, especially early in the film, almost “shot for shot” from the book. Most of the major plot points from the book, at least those involving the main characters, make it into the movie. The things which were edited from the book: longer sequences of Rorschach, Veidt, and Silk Specter’s pasts, the plot lines with supporting characters, the black freighter sequences, largely make a certain kind of sense as the things you’d cut. Snyder also does an excellent job of establishing the mood of the alternate history and the backstory of the superheroes through a great opening credits montage.

But… the film lacks any real soul. None of the performances stand out. Matthew Goode manages to make Ozymandias more human than he is in the book, at least until the end. Jackie Earle Haley has a moment of snarling greatness near the end, but that’s about it. Patrick Wilson brings nothing to the role of Night Owl, and Billy Crudup’s tepid delivery harms the portrayal of Dr Manhattan. Snyder’s editing out of the secondary characters, while making sense in regards to running time, ultimately blunts the impact of the films climax. Furthermore, Snyder is obviously of rather juvenile sensibilities when it comes to storytelling. While he’s cut out many moments of character development he actually INCREASES the time allotted to violence. The book is not actually that violent and most of the more gruesome acts happen off camera. In Snyder’s Watchmen we’re treated to extremely gory disintegrations and extended slow-mo fight scenes which serve to show off his cool camera technology but do nothing to advance the film. There’s also two instances where Snyder takes lines from the book and rather than having them delivered by the actual character, has them delivered as heresay by another one. In the final case this dramatically blunts one of the central messages of the film, ultimately making the line just an offhanded quip. Oddly, given the apocalyptic ending, the film really has no emotional payoff.

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