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August 17, 2007

Dresden Dolls video art

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For those who don’t know them, here is some clip just to get a taste:

And here’s a nicely done parody to that song titled “Beer Activated Girl”:

Next song is called “Good Day”. Omer found this “Sims2” video and it is just a worthy enough to appear as the real clip of the song:


August 11, 2007

Making lolcats

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I lived with Demon for 2 weeks now and he’s the fuzziest kitty. He has the the softest fur and the cutest eyes when he searches for your main blood arteries with his razor sharp claws. He’s truly a little adorable bundle of pain.

So yes, once again I brought in a seed of evil into my home. I guess I attract my kind. But not all is as gloomy as it sounds, when my fingers aren’t too bloody and the bone isn’t too exposed, I can make the funniest lolcats pictures:

Demon meets Demon2


P.S Yes. I admit it, I adopted a cat just to make lolcats pics. The joke is on me.

August 7, 2007


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A kiwi is any of the species of small flightless birds from New Zealand. It is also a name of this award winning video:

After watching it, read onward.


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